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I'm a motivated student, studying
Computer Science at the Hogeschool Leiden. I have chosen the direction of interaction-development, where I found my passion in all that is related to front-end. Check out my skills by pressing this button!

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Thomas Nolst Trenité
Leiden, The Netherlands.

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Project SYNC

This project is related to the Blockchain minor I'm currently following at the university of The Hague. The purpose of this project was to link students and companies with each other via a platform. I built the front-end for this project in Webflow, which is an upcoming design tool to create websites, CMS systems and webshops in a short amount of time without having to write any code.
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Augmented Reality for trains (Hololens 2)

This project was all about Augmented Reality. I took the chance of working with the Microsoft Hololens 2, which I found very interesting. Being developed in Unity and VScode, the final product was a train arriving at a station. The user was able to use voice commands like 'show seats' in order to get visuals on where there were places to sit in the train. This was visualized via green and red beams above each coupé in the train.

In this project, the following items were delivered:
  • An Interaction Design, where I laid focus on finding out if Hololens development was possible using the NS API.
  • A Research Whitepaper, in where I made a comparison between the HP Mixed Reality Headset and the Hololens.
  • An Interaction Prototype, being a situation sketch + the final product explained above.
This project was assessed with a 9,1.
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MattieApp | Homework flow

In this project we developed with React.js to make a solution for students that could not keep up with the pace of given education on their school. In our system, students are able to make homework online, whenever it fits their time. Teachers are able to login and give feedback on the made homework. Thereafter students can gain insight to this feedback and improve it where needed.

The link to the prototype can be found here.

This project was assessed with a 6,7.
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Renewing Back-end CMS internship

During my internship I worked on developing a PHP Laravel & Sass template, applicable to all CMS back-end systems. I have gained new experiences with Material Design (MDBootstrap), Sass, Vue.js, BitBucket and Confluence documentation.

My internship was assessed with an 8,3.

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